Ombudsman: We have archived the case of Savamala

Ombudsman Zoran Pasalic says the case of demolition of several buildings in Savamala is in the hands of the police, the prosecution and the court at this time.

Pasalic told the weekly Novi Magazin that he expects the police to carry them out on the complaints that have been filed in that case.

Pasalic said that on February 19, that case was, from the ombudsman’s position, archived, as all available resources had been exhausted, besides that public request for dismissal, which can be interpreted in many ways.

Asked whether the police would finish the job and act on the individual complaints of the damaged parties, Pasalic answered affirmatively.

“Absolutely, the case has been archived in the light of previous procedures, but it is a global case that will generate many individual ones and certainly the ombudsman will act on the complaints of all who report them,” he said.

(INSerbia, 15.10.2017)


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