Belgrade mayor refuses to disclose contract on Belgrade Waterfront

The Mayor of Belgrade has failed to implement a ruling by the Public Information Commissioner’s Office instructing him to inform the Anti-Corruption Council whether he has a copy of the contract regulating the costs of the services performed on the construction land that is the site for the Belgrade Waterfront development.

A statement from the Commissioner’s office said that the ruling had been sent to Mayor Zoran Radojicic on May 9th, telling him to send a copy of the contract to the Agency. Belgrade city hall received the ruling on May 14th and had a deadline of May 17th to implement it.  

The Anti-Corruption Council appealed to the Office of the Commissioner, complaining that the Belgrade city authorities and the Mayor were keeping quiet about the contract.  

“This case is an illustration of a negative trend and impermissible and illegal behaviour by public authorities in terms of free access to information of public importance. A huge number of complaints (more than 80 per cent) filed with the Office of the Commissioner is over the silence of the administration,” the statement said and added that in cases of projects which are important to Belgrade and all of Serbia with increased public interest, the information should be provided voluntarily.

The statement goes on to say that in situations involving projects of relevance to both the city of Belgrade and the whole of Serbia, where there is a strong public interest such as the Belgrade Waterfront project, the financiers and the authorities should publish relevant information without being told so.

Deputy Commissioner, Stanojla Mandic reminds public authorities that transparency of work is one of the basic principles of good governance and that public authorities need to urgently change their relationship with the public and other entities.

(N1, 24.05.2019)


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