Oliver Stone:”I respect Serbia’s position on sanctions against Russia”

In an interview he gave for Politika daily and Deadline magazine during the Cannes Film Festival, the famous film director, Oliver Stone, said that he respected Serbia’s principled position on sanctions against Russia.

He said that Serbia is conducting what he called wise policies and believes that the country has friends.

“I like Serbia and I would really like to visit it”, he is quoted as telling a Politika reporter in Cannes.

Stone also spoke about his most recent movie “Lula” about the former Brazilian President and the influence of the US and CIA in Latin America.

Speaking about the former Brazilian president, Stone said:” You couldn’t write a movie where a guy like this [da Silva] would be president. First, he was a trade unionist who never wanted to be a president, and who was never interested in politics, and he becomes president. It’s a reminder that we can elect working class people to the presidency, of any country. You don’t have to have a billion dollars, you don’t have to be a member of the elite. I prefer that, to have actually somebody who’s more humble, run a country. I think that’s one thing that really draws me to him. And of course, his life story is very dramatic. He has had two very positive terms. He reduced the poverty in Brazil enormously, giving money to the poor directly. $10 goes a lot farther than the promise of a hundred dollars or building some other big structure. Give them the money directly, let the mother or let the family decide what to do because that makes a huge difference.”

For Deadline magazine, Stone also commented on the series of interviews he did with Russian President Vladimir Putin:” Well, it’s not about him (Putin). It’s about Russia and the United States. This is my concern. I am most concerned, Mike, and I still am, that this American involvement in Ukraine is leading to disaster. Why, for God’s sake, in 1990, did we shift this allegiance to NATO, a device from World War II that should have ended at this point, but it stayed on and it’s become a dead end because we are pushing NATO’s goals? When the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991 with Baker and Bush and Gorbachev, we agreed we would respect the borders of Russia and that NATO would not move further east. We gave East Germany to NATO; we said, Germany will be now unified, but there will be no further movement. And that was agreed to by the Americans very clearly. Although they may not have done so on paper, it certainly was a contractual agreement and an understanding between not only Gorbachev and Bush, but also Reagan before he went on their first meetings.

The United States broke every treaty with Russia. 13 countries have been anti-Soviet anti-Russian countries, not just anti-Soviet, but anti-Russian have been incorporated into NATO. And we are following that plan. The Russians have said, this is a red line for us, Ukraine especially. This is the border of Russia, and you’re right there and you’re putting missiles in. And just today, was it Biden yesterday was saying that they wanted to integrate Ukraine into NATO?

With all the complimentary access advantage to Ukraine, which is basically a dead state and has been attributed to as some kind of democratic protest or resistor, but it’s not true. Ukraine is a totally corrupt state, much worse than many corrupt states, probably on the index of corrupt states, it’s about 140 out of 170. It’s a lost dog. We have supported it, created it, financed it completely, and I don’t think it’s going to end well because we are not backing off. This is the Russian interest, it is on their borders, man. Think about it. We are going to go to a potential World War III situation for Ukraine? Don’t you think that’s crazy? The American people haven’t been consulted about that. Do they really know what’s going on?”

(Politika, Deadline, 22.05.2024)



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