Old sugar factory in Belgrade sold for 690 million dinars

The Serbian Bankruptcy Supervision Agency sold the Old Sugar Factory in Belgrade for 690 million dinars.

The sugar plant was sold at a public auction, with three bidders participating. The initial price was set at 680 million dinars, while the second offer of 690 million dinars was accepted.

Serbian MPs Aleksandar Ćuta Jovanović and Danijela Nestorović and a group of activists tried to prevent the sale but did not succeed.

“Who estimated that Šečerana is worth 6 million euros? Who estimated that this city could be given away, along with its cultural assets, from the Army General Staff Building and the Belgrade Fair building to Old Sugar Factory to offshore companies?” Jovanović asked.

A woman who participated in the auction and was the only one to accept the offer of 690 million dinars (approximately EUR 6 million) said she was representing the GS&M law firm, but declined to reveal the name of the buyer.

The Serbian Minister of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure, Goran Vesić, said that it was obvious that the bankruptcy trustee was in a hurry to sell the complex for a small amount of money, adding that the state has the right of first refusal, which, he is confident, the state will use in order to revitalize and preserve the area.

“As we all expected, the Old Sugar Factory was sold today. I warned several times about the clear intention for the Old Sugar Factory to be sold for a small amount of money and that the buyer was known in advance. Unfortunately, the state cannot influence the work that bankruptcy trustees do. What the state can do is to use the right of first refusal, which I hope it will do”, said Vesić.

The buyer, Vrenje d.o.o., acquired 18 properties spanning 11 hectares of land, including the Cultural Institution KPGT Theatre, located in the Old Sugar Factory complex, which has been a city landmark since 2021.

According to the 2022 company records, Vrenje d.o.o. has three employees and a third of it is owned by the Concord West Company, whose proprietor is Željko Drčelić, Chairman of the Executive Board of the Red Star Basketball Club. Concord West is a construction company. The other two-thirds is owned by a Montenegrin national, Vlado Stanišić.

The factory complex was declared a cultural heritage site in 1984 and is part of the Topčider cultural-historical unit, which was declared a cultural heritage site of historical significance in 1987.

(Danas, 11.06.2024)


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