Obstacles for young people in labour market

Being uninformed, lacking money and having difficulty obtaining some, and fear of failure are the biggest obstacles that young people in search of work and young entrepreneurs are facing in Serbia.

On the other hand, the labour market has failed to find employment for almost 29% of the work-capable people in Serbia, ages 15 to 24. The situation is no better in other regional countries, so, in Bosnia and Herzegovina, over half of unemployed persons are young, and almost 70% of the 80,000 citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina that left the country in the last two years are also young workers.

The regional conference about young entrepreneurship in Serbia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina that took place in the Metropol Hotel in Belgrade assembled regional authorities in an effort to discuss measures for youth employment.

„Our state has an encompassing plan. We want to see what is available on the market and what is our education system doing in educating future workers, as well as what regions in the country need specific worker profiles. There are 623,000 people registered as unemployed by the National Employment Office, out of which 22.5% are young people. The most concerning fact is that 18% of them have finished only primary school. We should not allow what has happened in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. We need to create a different labour market in order not to experience a pronounced brain drain once we enter the EU“, says Serbian Labour Minister, Zoran Djordjevic.

This year, the state has allocated enough money for 3,570 people registered as unemployed to become self-employed. In October, 891 young unemployed people used this money. The 2017 Employment Action Plan stipulates that 2.8 billion dinars should be allocated for this purpose.

(Vecernje Novosti, 08.11.2017)


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