Obradovic: “Vucic changing his tone regarding the coronavirus situation is a signal he wants elections before the summer”

“The changes in the tone of information coming from the government’s crisis headquarters regarding the coronavirus pandemic in Serbia cannot be interpreted in any other way other than that the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic wants the situation to end soon and at all costs, because the elections must be held before the summer,” said the president of the Dveri movement, Bosko Obradovic.

He said, in a written statement, that the government had previously diminished the seriousness of the coronavirus contagion, and that, despite the spread of the epidemic in Europe, had called elections and collected the signatures of hundreds of thousands of people.

“They said publicly that the elections would not be postponed and that they really wanted to conduct them, whatever the cost, because they were preparing a new electoral theft and the false opposition, which was bribed to take place in the election, had already prepared for their participation in the election. When they understood the scale of the problem, they said they could not force elections during a pandemic, and they used the coronavirus as an excuse to completely dismiss the National Parliament, introduce a state of emergency and start a new form of personal promotion and the election campaign of the president of the Serbian Progressive Party,” Obradovic went on to say.

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Obradovic also said that “the new, sudden reversal and a hypothetical improvement of the situation, despite the number of infected people constantly increasing and is much higher than when a few weeks ago, are related to the upcoming elections and Vucic’s fear that his time is running out”.

According to him “the Serbian Progressive Party is the hurry to prepare everything for the elections before the summer. First, people in Serbia were virtually imprisoned in their homes during the four days of Easter holidays, now they are told that everything is fine and that we will be able to go to the polls to vote, although we still need to exercise some caution. The only thing that remains to be seen what they will do with the ban on mass gatherings to prevent the protests that await them immediately after the end of the state of emergency,” the politician concluded.

(N1, 20.04.2020)


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