Number of issued building permits up 6.8% in February

In Serbia, 1,516 building permits were issued in February 2021, which 6.8% more relative to the same month last year, the State Statistical Office has said.

Of the total number of permits issued in February, 78% were issued for the construction of buildings and 22% for other types of structures.

With regard to buildings, 66.8% of the permits were issued for residential buildings and 33.2% for non-residential buildings, while, in the segment of other types of structures, the majority of issued building permits refer to pipelines, communications and power lines (65.5%).

Permits issued in February pertain to the construction of 2,652 flats spanning an average area of 72.9 square metres. Of this number, 9.4% of the flats will be built in new one-apartment buildings, spanning on average 144.6 square metres, and 87.8% in buildings with three or more flats, with an average size of those flats being 64.7 square metres.

(RTV, 15.04.2021)


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