Number of doctors demanding dismissal of government’s crisis unit doubles

The number of signatories of the initiative “Ujedinjeni protiv kovida” (United against COVID), calling for the resignation of the government crisis unit, has doubled in the last 24 hours from the original 350 to about 720 doctors and experts.

More than 700 doctors and other health workers are demanding from the relevant bodies “to explain to the public the precision of the data posted on the official COVID-19 website and to launch a reliable procedure to determine the number of people infected, sick and dead of COVID-19, both in the general population and among health workers”.

Serbian Health Minister Zlatibor Lončar commented on this at yesterday’s press conference:

“We’ve been called in by doctors who did not know what they were signing and there are even doctors who contacted us and said that they were forced by others to sign it. I have respect for every surgeon, orthopaedist and anaesthetist but they are not the ones devising the measures. Epidemiologists do. I’m a surgeon, I don’t devise the measures. I wouldn’t know how. That’s why we have the best epidemiologists in the crisis unit. Medicine is simple, you just have to respect its principles,” said Lončar.

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Slobodan Savić and other doctors who signed the letter are welcome to give us their ideas, added the Minister.

When asked whether the composition of the crisis unit might have been different, the Minister answered:

“We offered certain experts, who commented publicly on the pandemic, to join the crisis unit, but they refused. The virus is still here, we have a high number of sick and dead, and we need the unity and to support the crisis unit and all those people involved in the fight (against the coronavirus),” concluded Lončar.

(Blic, 22.07.2020)


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