Novi Sad’s authorities increase property tax despite the pandemic

The Pokret za Preokret movement today accused the Novi Sad authorities of the City Council making an “illegal” decision to raise property tax for 2021 paid by property owners in the capital city of Vojvodina.

“According to the decree, adopted on November 30 and of which citizens were not informed, higher property tax has been approved. Now, property owners in Novi Sad will have to pay 3,000 dinars more per square metre of property tax for properties located in urban areas,” the statement reads.

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Such a move is “not only economically damaging to citizens, but also immoral, because of the pandemic and the fact that the economy, especially small business owners, is going bankrupt,” the statement adds.

The press release goes on to say many residents of Novi Sad have already lost their jobs, and many stand to lose their jobs, hence “it is not clear why the city authorities are raising the property tax”, especially if we bear in mind that the tax was already increased this year by 2,000 dinars.

(Nova, 08.12.2020)

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