Novi Sad’s authorities buy Christmas lights for 12.5 million dinars

Novi Sad’s local authorities have launched a public tender for the purchase of Christmas lights, worth 12.5 million dinars without VAT, reports the 021 website.

The amount allocated in 2021 is the same as the amount set aside for this purpose last year, and the city will provide funds for the installation and repair of the existing Christmas lights through special allocations in the budget, in the amount of 12.9 million dinars.

The press release reads that mainly equipment, i.e. lighting elements, will be purchased to complement the existing decoration.

The city will procure, among other things, 100 so-called white ‘chains’ hanging from trees, 25 decorations in the shape of large light bulbs, 3D LED-illuminated Father Christmas figures, 3D LED-illuminated figures in the shape of sleighs and two reindeer, a five-metre high fountain with a 10-metre base.

All the decorations are of the Blachere Illuminations brand. Last year, the same company supplied Christmas lights to Novi Sad worth almost 16 million dinars, while in 2019, it was Belgrade-based Stars LTD who supplied 14.8 million dinars worth of Christmas decorations.

(Nova, 09.09.2021)

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