Novi Sad to impose complete ban on plastic bags on 1st January, 2021

Following the proposal of the City Council, the Novi Sad Assembly will make an official decision next Friday to ban the use of plastic bags in the city from 1st January, 2021.

The councillors will also adopt a decision on sanctions for shops and vendors who refuse to adhere to the ban. The city’s Environmental Inspectorate will be in charge of fines.

The decision states that “the use of plastic bags for the storage of goods at the point of sale is prohibited on the city’s territory, with the exception of biodegradable plastic bags according to the ordinance”.

As explained, the ban applies to all retail and wholesale outlets, as well as to outdoor markets in the Novi Sad area. Product packaging is exempted from the ban.

A legal entity that violates the provisions of the ban and continues to use plastic bags will be fined 150,000 dinars, individuals with 25,000 dinars and small business owners with 75,000 dinars.

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In deciding to enforce the ban, the City Council referred to the City Statute, which states that the City government is responsible for taking care of the environment, the Environmental Protection Act, which states that local governments are responsible for activities that can improve living conditions, as well as the Law on Waste Management, which states that materials used for packaging must meet environmental requirements.

The City Council also stated that plastic bags are prohibited because after use they become municipal waste, which pollutes the environment for an extensive period of time.

Novi Sad is the second city in Serbia to ban the use of plastic bags, after Belgrade.

The use of plastic bags has been declining in Novi Sad since 2018 when the shops starting charging money for them.

(, 14.10.2019)


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