Novi Sad to get two underground garages in town centre soon

Four public garages in Novi Sad are currently under construction in Novi Sad – three underground in the locations of the Modena Street, near the seat of the Vojvodina government (Banovina) and the Republic Square and one above ground in Šafarikova Street.

The underground garages in the town centre – the one in Modena Street and near Banovina – will be finished in the first half of this year. The first garage will span over 9,000 square metres and will have 267 parking spaces on three levels (including 14 parking spaces for people with disabilities and eight for electric cars).

The second garage, near Banovina, will span over 6,000 square metres and will have 167 parking spaces, including nine for persons with disabilities and eight for electric cars.

Both garages will have an automatic fire extinguishing system – a sprinkler system –  which is one of the most effective fire extinguishing installations. Furthermore, once the sprinklers are activated, they give off an alarm signal which is then forwarded to the nearest fire unit.

(B92. 13.01.2024)

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