Novi Sad to get two new bridges and luxury complex on Danube

Mayor Milos Vucevic has announced that Novi Sad will get two new bridges on the Danube River in the coming years, as well as an exclusive residential complex located between the Liberty Bridge and Sodros, worth 400 million euro.

Speaking of the bridges, Vucevic said that the future bridge will be built between Sodros and Sremska Kamenica, as an extension of the Europe Boulevard, while the second bridge will be built between the quays on the Novi Sad side and Petrovaradin fortress. The entrance to the tunnel would be from this bridge, and there would be a lift, after the tunnel, that would go to the Fortress.

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“This bridge is something that we have never done before. It will be used only by pedestrians and cyclists, it would be fitted with benches so that the people passing over it could sit down, and soak in the views of the Danube. From the bridge, you would directly enter the Fortress, or rather a tunnel at the end of which there is going to be a lift that will take you to the Fortress. I think that this year, we will manage to design the bridge, pick the architects and launch a competition for the best solution. It would be quite revolutionary to build a pedestrian/bicycle bridge with a direct entrance to the Petrovaradin Fortress,” Vucevic added.

Speaking about the second bridge, the mayor said that the final project would be drafted this year.

“The construction of a bridge across the Danube and its connection to the roundabout near Sremska Kamenica and further to the Novi Sad-Ruma-Sabac-Loznica motorway represents the final phase of the construction of the Novi Sad bypass. This bridge will be expensive to build”, Vucevic added.

He went on to say that all relevant projects should be drafted soon in order to for the city government to apply for funds from the provincial and state budgets. Vucevic also said that he would talk to banks and financial organizations, to see which of them could help with financing these projects, “because the city will not be able to finance them alone.”

The second bridge, that would have a lift to the Fortress, is an old idea and one of the ideas was to connect the Novi Sad quay to the Fortress via a cable car and a bridge. The relevant plans have existed since the end of the Second World War, according to which the new bridge was supposed to be built on the pillars of the former Franz Josef Bridge which was built in 1883, as part of the Budapest-Zemun railroad.

The Mayor also announced the construction of a complex on the Danube, stretching from the Most Liberty Bridge to Sodros, in the location of the former shipyard. “I believe that, in early 2020, we will start implementing this investment, worth over 400 million euro. We are planning to build a luxurious residential complex, parks, and a business zone, provided that the relevant experts give their consent,” the Mayor added.

(, 28.03.2019)




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