Novi Sad to get passenger airport too?

Čenej Airport near Novi Sad will be for passenger transport for scheduled flights, as well as by low cost carriers, charters and air taxi services as of 2020.

The City of Novi Sad has recently adopted a spatial plan outlining the development of its own airport at the site of the current sports and agriculture field in the village of Čenej, which features a grass runway. The plan foresees the construction of a “modern airport that will fulfill necessary requirements for conducting commercial air traffic”. According to the plan, 148 hectares, which is how much the current airport, used for sporting and agricultural purposes, spans, should be expanded and transformed into a regional airport by 2020.

The development of Novi Sad’s Airport has been discussed for over a decade. The city itself, which is the capital of the country’s northern province of Vojvodina, is located just over ninety kilometres north of Belgrade. Serbia currently boasts two so-called “ghost airports”- in Užice and Kraljevo – with new terminal buildings but no commercial flights. 

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Dragoljub Samardzic, president of the Novi Sad Aero-Club, which manages the airport in Čenej, says that this airport should facilitate regular services, cheap air transport, tourist and business charter flights, as well as air taxi services, while retaining the current sport-agricultural purpose.

The aero-club is already working on preparing Novi Sad to become an international airport for small and sports / business planes, with the offices for customs and border police already finished. The airliners planning to use this airport will have to announce their arrival 24 hours in advance which gives the aviation authorities on the ground enough time to acquire the necessary permits and carries out the required control.

(B92, Ex-Yu Aviation News, 06.07.2018)

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