Novi Sad to get a new bridge

The new fourth bridge in Novi Sad, which will partly go over the Danube, will be an integral part of the Fruska Gora corridor.

It will be 2.4 kilometres long, most of it will extend over the mainland, and it will be a segment of the western ring road stretching around the city. The general project has been completed in the last few days. Now comes the work on obtaining a building permit and once that is granted, the construction can start.

The construction of a new road bridge over the Danube in Novi Sad, mentioned in the city’s development plans as a priority project of national importance, is supported by the President of the Republic and the Government of Serbia. The planned value of the bridge together with the ring road around Novi Sad is 15 billion dinars. It was previously announced that the Serbian government, the Vojvodina Province and the city of Novi Sad will jointly implement this capital investment.

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“This bridge will be of exceptional importance because it will reduce the traffic in the city and in particular, solve the problem of congestion during rush hour. In addition, it will be a functional link that will connect the E-75 motorway with the future Fruska Gora corridor, and through it with the Belgrade-Sid motorway and the Republic of Srpska,” says Dušan Miladinović, director of the public enterprise Urbanizam.

Miladinovic notes that the necessity of the project was confirmed by a study carried out by field experts. With a length of almost 2.4 kilometers, the new bridge, most of which will extend over the mainland, will be the longest in Novi Sad and one of the longest on the entire Danube.

On Novi Sad’s side, it will start practically from the roundabout near the Evropa Boulevard and the Patriarch Pavle Avenue, then it will cross Ribarsko Ostrvo to the right bank of the river to the bypass near Sremska Kamenica, then continue on the road to Ruma and west to Beocin and the Croatian border.

(Vecernje Novosti, 01.06.2020)–Novosadjani-ce-dobiti-most-od-24-km


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