Novi Sad Mayor asks Vucic to postpone SNS’ rally in Novi Sad for fear of clashes

The Novi Sad branch of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) says that scheduling the #1in5 million protest in Novi Sad for April 12th, on the same day that an SNS rally is supposed to take place, is „inciting conflict“.

However, on Tuesday, Milos Vucevic, the Mayor of Novi Sad, urged the protest and rally organizers to re-schedule their gatherings for fear of physical conflicts between the two fractions, saying “as the Mayor and a human being I cannot allow any bloodshed in the streets.”

He added that “the only conflict that he, as the mayor and a politician, accepts is the conflict of opinions in the Serbian institutions, in accordance with the highest democratic principles”.

Vucevic asked Aleksandar Vucic to re-schedule the SNS rally called “The Future of Serbia”, but the President did not comment as yet.

“Novi Sad is the European Youth and Cultural Capital, not the place of conflicts,” Vucevic, who is also the head of the local branch of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS), said.

He added that the rally was not planned as a gathering of the SNS supporters, but as a part of Vucic’s and Prime Minister Ana Brnabic’s campaign.

The Novi Sad branch of SNS said earlier that the #1in5 million protest, planned for April 12, “intends to provoke a conflict”, and pledged with Vucic to reschedule his rally for Thursday, April 11.

Aleksandar Vucic was quoted on Tuesday saying the talks about rallies and counter-rallies made him laugh, referring to his rally that is supposed to take place in Belgrade, on Friday, April 19.

The head of Serbia’s Government Office for Kosovo announced two SNS rallies – one in Novi Sad on April 12, and one in Belgrade, seven days later.

The organizers of the anti-government protests said on Tuesday they would go on with their demonstrations “as planned and as had been the case for almost three months.”

(Danas, 03.04.2019)


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