Novi Sad government to grant 18 million dinars to citizens who want to buy a bicycle

In order to improve air quality and reduce environmental pollution, Novi Sad will be the first city in Serbia to allocate funds as financial support to citizens who want to purchase a bicycle.

8 million dinars will be allocated to the budget of the Municipality of Novi Sad, while following the budget review, additional 10 million dinars will be disbursed.

The subsidy for the purchase of bicycles was proposed by the association Novosadska Biciklistička Inicijativa (Novi Sad Cycling Initiative), and the proposal was supported by the mayor of Novi Sad, Miloš Vučević, and the member of the Municipal Council for Environmental Protection, Mira Radenović.

The date when the subsidy will be disbursed is not known at the moment, but the Municipal Administration says that citizens will be informed on time via the Municipal Administration’s website and through the media.

When the Regulation on the conditions and modalities of providing support for the procurement of bicycles as environmentally friendly transport comes into force, a public competition will be launched to select the body that will implement it, which in turn will announce a public call for support for the procurement of bicycles in cooperation with the Municipal Administration.

The application for subsidies will be possible on the website of the Municipal Administration (Department for Environmental Protection), where all the necessary forms and information will be available.

Citizens who receive the subsidy can buy a new bicycle in any shop in Serbia, after which they will be given an invoice and tax receipts in the name of the chosen person, as proof of the bicycle purchase.

(eKapija, 05.04.2021)

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