Novi Sad becoming increasingly attractive to tourists

By the end of the year, Novi Sad, one of the 10 most desirable destinations to visit in 2019, will have hosted as many as 18 different events, which, according to the town’s tourism officials, will help to increase the number of national and international guests even more.

In addition to the usual events, characteristic for this year’s European Youth Capital and 2021 European Capital of Culture, such as theatre plays, film screenings, concerts, shows and exhibitions, other events will take place, such as the traditional Jazz Festival, the Night Bazaar, the Congress of HORECA students, the December marathon, the Days of the Dragon event, the Dance Festival, the famous Winterfest, and the opening of the ice-skating forest in the Danube Park.

“In October, we were featured in many online magazines, such as Lonely Planet, which describes Novi Sad as an ideal weekend destination, and we organized the first working meeting with a major travel agent from Turkey,” says Tihana Putin from the City Tourist Board.

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According to data from the Statistical Office of Serbia, in September of this year, 40,942 overnight stays were recorded in Novi Sad, an increase of 6.4% compared to the same month of the previous year. Tourists usually come from other parts of Serbia, Slovenia, Montenegro, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Germany, Hungary, Poland, and the Russian Federation. The first three countries outside Europe by the number of overnight stays are China, the United States and Australia.

Tourists from Germany, France, Russia, China, Spain, United Kingdom, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy and Poland usually consult the local tourist board on what to do and see in Novi Sad. It is interesting to note that, in September tourists, from 50 different countries came to Novi Sad, including guests from Azerbaijan, Indonesia, the Philippines, Guatemala, Cuba and Bolivia.

(Vecernje Novosti, 19.11.2019)

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