Novi Sad authorities want pollution billboards to be taken down

Posters and billboards, which have been put up by the Kreni-Promeni organization and which show air pollution, were distributed in over 30 cities and municipalities in Serbia, but only in Novi Sad did the government put pressure on the organization to remove them, says Stevan Babić, a coordinator for Kreni-Promeni.

“A few days ago. the company that leased us the advertising space told us that the billboards had been removed under the pressure from the Novi Sad authorities but that they will be put up again after the New Year’s Eve. We even had people contacting us and offering to help us with putting up posters and billboards“, he said.

He explains that the billboards that measure air pollution were launched as part of the “Truth about Pollution” campaign with the primary goal of informing citizens about air quality.

20 billboards were placed in 10 locations in Novi Sad, and the same billboards were also placed in over 30 cities and municipalities in Serbia. Babić claims that unknown perpetrators have destroyed billboards in almost half of the cities, but Novi Sad is a specific example in that, as he says, the city government directly ordered their removal.

“Each billboard has a QR code which, when scanned, shows a graphic representation of a 3D lung model that actually shows the level of air pollution. It also contains recommendations how should citizens behave depending on how polluted the air is,” Babić explains.

(, 04.01.2023)

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