Novi Sad Agricultural Fair from 15th to 21st May

The International Agricultural Fair will be held from 15th to 21st May on the premises of the Novi Sad Fair. Numerous companies from 29 countries and products and services from 60 countries will be exhibited at the Fair, the organizers say.

“Every year, the number of exhibitors grows from 10 to 15 percent, and this yea, we have exhibitors like the Indian company Tafe that bought the Serbian tractor producer IMT,” Slobodan Cvetkovic, Director of the Novi Sad Fair says.

He adds that Spain has returned to the Agriculture Fair after a ten-year-recess. China will host its own, small-scale fair on the grounds of the Novi Sad Fair, and there will also be a collective exhibition by several African countries.

„The International Agricultural Fair is a kind of a cross-section of the most current topics, trends, products and services, which are important to the national market, as well as the wider region”, Cvetkovic says and adds: “This is the place where businesses from Serbia and the region connect with their counterparts from all over the world. The Fair is the place where East and West meet both economically- and diplomatically-wise.”

One of the attractions of this year’s fair will be the traditional livestock exhibition, with around  1,600 animals to be exhibited this year. Also, the most expensive agricultural machine to be exhibited at the Fair will be a sugar beet harvester that costs €600,000, as well as a John Deere tractor that costs €300,000.

“One of the trademarks of the International Agricultural Fair is a game that we prepare for visitors with purchased tickets every year. This year’s prizes are a Belarus 622 tractor and a rotary mower, and a 5045d tractor produced by John Deere”, Cvetkovic adds.

The Novi Sad Agricultural Fair will also host international B2B meetings, exhibitions of organic and geographical indication products, Serbian craft breweries, cattle auction, and international equestrian competitions.

The Serbian Ministry of Agriculture is organizing various workshops at the Fair with the aim of presenting the experiences and opportunities of using the EU’s IPARD funding.

Economic advisor at the French Embassy in Belgrade announces that 10 French companies from different sectors will present at the Fair, as will a group of 206 cooperatives that also includes two investment funds.

Individual tickets for the Fair cost 600 dinars, and the group ones 400 dinars.

(Kamatica, 06.05.2018)

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