Novelties regarding employee’s sick leave

In addition to announcing additional inspections in certain health facilities due to the suspicion that medical doctors had issued people with bogus sick leaves, the Serbian Prime Minister, Ana Brnabic, noted that, in the next period, she expected the eBolovanje (e-Sick Leave) system to be launched, which, according to her, should suppress such practices.

However, employees are not sure how eBolovanje will be able to control whether sick leave is justified or whether their employer will now have an insight into their medical records as the online system is connected to the doctor’s office and the National Health Insurance Fund.

As Isidora Smigic, the coordinator for regulation reforms at NALED, says the aim of eBolovanje is for the administrative procedures for taking sick leave to be facilitated for patients, which include pregnant women, but also to have this information submitted to employers more efficiently simultaneously.

Also, the aim is to help the National Health Insurance Fund have easier access to the data important for the medical commissions to decide on whether to approve sick leave extensions for more than 30 days and to calculate the employee’s wage compensation during the sick leave.

“The eBolovanje system will digitize and automate the exchange of the documents in the process of issuing the confirmation on a temporary inability to work, by connecting health institutions and doctors, the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF), as well as employers. This will accelerate the process itself, the patients will no longer have to submit doctor’s notes to employers or medical documentation to their NHIF branch office. It will also help the NHIF to more quickly disburse the employee with the sick leave wage, in the cases when they are absent from work for more than a month,” Smigic says.

She also reassures that the employer will not have an insight into the employee’s medical records, but that, instead, they will be able to obtain information online whether the employee is on sick leave (the reason for the sick leave will not be stated) and for how long.

(eKapija, 25.02.2024)

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