Novelties regarding election campaign

State officials running for the country’s president and a seat in the National Parliament will not be allowed to officially inaugurate roads, bridges, schools, hospitals and factories seven days before the elections, nor will they be allowed to participate in ceremonies to mark the start of new infrastructure projects.

This is the novelty in the electoral regulation including the draft agreement between the government and the opposition parties.

In order for this law to be applied, the Anti-Corruption Law must be amended in the part relating to the election campaigning of officials. The working document also envisages that the number of signatures needed to be collected for national minority parties to participate in elections will be reduced from 10,000 to 5,000 and that the signatures can be certified by notaries and municipal certifiers.

Another novelty is that the money for the campaign will be distributed differently, so the parties will receive 30% of the funds before the elections, and 70% after the election, if they manage to win the required number of votes. Until now, this ratio had been 20-80%.

In the section on the media, it the recommendation is that public broadcasters hold TV duels on topical issues. In addition, parties will have to submit a preliminary report on the cost of the election campaign five days before the elections.

(Vecernje Novosti, 05.09.2021)




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