Novak`s VISA REJECTED! Shocking news from Australia

Shocking news from Australia – Minister of Immigration Alex Hawke has decided to deport Novak Djokovic from the country! This decision can undoubtedly be categorized as one of the biggest sports scandals in the 21st century.

Minister of Immigration Alex Hawke has cancelled Novak Djokovic`s visa “on health and good order grounds, on the basis that it was in the public interest to do so” – said Minister Alex Hawke, as reported by the Australian media.

Apparently, the last straw was Novak`s announcement on Instagram this morning, in which Djokovic admitted that he went to have the scheduled interview with the French journalist from L`Equipe, knowing that he was infected with Covid-19 (to remind, regarding the interview with L`Equipe, Djokovic has confirmed that he didn`t want to let journalists down by cancelling the interview and that all the way during the interview he has kept a safe distance and was wearing a facial mask, which was confirmed by the French journalist)

After his Instagram post, the Australian government has found new reasons for attacking Djokovic and deporting him from the country.

What`s the real reason?

The reason is, above all, political in nature. The stay of the unvaccinated Novak Djokovic in Melbourne and his appearance at the Grand Slam was a disastrous PR for the Australian ruling politicians as citizens of Australia have been living under one of the strictest anti-Covid measures in the world for two years.

Despite the fact that more than 80% of the population has been revaccinated, Australia is an island, isolated from other territories, so every new visitor to this country goes through far stricter control.

Another thing that we need to understand is how the consciousness of the average Australian works. Australians are used to respecting the settled socio-political system and they have been functioning according to these rules all their lives.

When millions of Australians, who have been living under limited freedom for two years despite being vaccinated, found out the news that an unvaccinated tennis player, even if he is the best player of all time and nine-time Australian Open champion, will receive a special permit to play in their country,  adding to this the trial in which Djokovic practically “beat Australia”, it has provoked a strong reaction in people.

Add to this the upcoming elections in three months, and the whole picture will be even more complete.

The Australian authorities simply did not dare to allow themselves such political suicide.

Everything seemed promising, and then… a cold shower

Novak Djokovic was the winner on Monday morning – judge Anthony Kelly announced that the Serbian tennis player has the right to stay in Australia because Djokovic’s legal teams and the Australian government have reached an agreement. Only 48 hours later, the world number 1 was hit by perhaps the biggest knockdown since the beginning of the saga around the Australian Open, to the extent that the Australian authorities brought up deportation again, and in the end, unfortunately, put it into practice.

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