Novaković: “Vučić will not call snap elections in autumn because he knows he would lose”

People’s Party Vice President Borislav Novaković said that he did not expect Serbian President Aleksandar Vučić to call snap parliamentary elections in the autumn, “because he knows that he will surely lose them.”

Novaković told today’s edition of the Nova daily that during his 11-year reign, Vučić had never been “so weak”, and that this situation is not temporary but rather that he is on “an unstoppable downward spiral”.

“He can slow down that decline, but he can’t stop it. The recent tragic events put before the citizens the basic question on which civilized life rests. Can this country guarantee the safety of its citizens? In short, the time that is coming is not Vučić’s ally,” said Novaković.

Regarding the fact that Vučić, who stepped down as president of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) in May, postponed the formation of his people’s movement, which he had announced for the end of June, Novaković said that that means “this government cannot even feign stability.”

“Vučić is the captain of a ship where even his first officers do not trust him. He has lost contact with the engine department and the crew turned their backs on him, but he stands on the deck ecstatically staring at the open sea,” Novaković added.

Political analyst Dragomir Anđelković believes that Vučić is trying to buy time because he the formation of his nationwide movement as a failure.

“Forming this movement will do absolutely nothing because it is clear to the citizens that this is a formation of a new SNS. Vučić’s political rating, as well as the rating of the political group he leads, will continue to fall. On the other hand, discontent in the SNS will intensify, and perhaps there will be new departures of his officials from the party, probably athletes, intellectuals, actors,” Anđelković adds.

(, Danas, 28.06.2023)

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