Not-to-be-missed places in Serbia

The Republic of Serbia is arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the Balkans. A relatively young country as it was only created in 2006, Serbia has been known for its agriculture and automobile industry. But in recent times, it has been focussing increasingly on its tourism potential. The country has also upped its focus on technology. In fact, did you know that one of the greatest inventors of all time Nikola Tesla was a Serbian?

The increase in technology based economy makes sense considering the way the world is turning. Even something like casinos are turning to technology as shown in this article here.

Having said that, if you ever decide to pack your bags to visit Serbia, here are a few places you have to check out.


A visit to Serbia is incomplete without a quick tour of the capital Belgrade which is often known as the door to Central Europe. There are museums, palaces and tons of little sites of historical significance for you to check out. There’s even a museum dedicated to Nikola Tesla. And once you are done walking through the ancient city, you can get ready to experience its vibrant nightlife. We would highly recommend the Savamala district for its art scene. It’s teeming with cafes and galleries and is a hub for young creative energy.


Once you are done with the city, pack your bags and head to the mountains. Kopaonik is the largest mountain range in the country and is a popular ski resort during winters. In the summers and during spring, the mountains turn glorious green and become a haven for mushroom foragers. If you are into hiking, you must check out Metode spring and lake Semetes in particular. If you are particularly enthusiastic then you could even climb Pančić which is the highest peak. The mountains are known for its rare species of butterflies so keep an eye out for them.


Zlatibor is another very popular mountain destination for both domestic and international travellers and is known for its beautiful forests and meadows. You can go out in the wilderness to pick herbs which is what these meadows are famous for. There are waterfalls and artificial lakes that you can go boating on. This article here will be worth reading if you are planning to head out there in the winter. The forests are home to a variety of flora and fauna including wild strawberries, edible mushrooms, wolves, wild boards and wild cats. Apart from hiking, you can also go paragliding or cycling around these parts.

Serbia also has a great spa culture and you can use your time in the country to rejuvenate with clean air and natural spring water. There’s access to sulphur baths and exquisite massages that can offer your mind and body some time out. Most of these spas are based in ancient castles and parks so you get to experience a royal treatment. It prepares you to bounce back to conquer the world.

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