Not a single subway line will be connected to Prokop train station?

The president of Serbia, Aleksandar Vucic, announced that the first line of the Belgrade Subway should have been completed by 2028.

However, the map that he presented on that occasion showed a considerably changed route of the planned third line, which now excludes – as does the whole subway plan – the Belgrade Centre Rail Station in Prokop.

The map, which presents the construction plans related to the future EXPO 2027 exhibition, and concerns the construction of the subway, is different from the plans presented so far, which are also available on the website of the public company Beogradski Metro i Voz, and which are also presented in the plan of the development of rail systems in Belgrade. The company said that the route via Prokop was one of the options for line three and that the line running next to the Vuk Monument area was also an option.

According to the plan for the development of rail systems in Belgrade, subway line 3 is planned to stretch along the following route – Paunov breg-Banjica-Trosarina-Stepa Stepanovic-Brace Jerković-Main Cemetery-Vitanovacka-Autokomanda-Belgrade Center Rail Station-Clinical Center of Serbia-Manjez-Pioneers Park-Republic Square-Beton hala-TC Ušće-Arena-New Belgrade Rail Station-Airport City-Gandijeva-Dusana Vukasovica-Vojvodjanska-Bezanija Cemetery and Bezanija Depot.

The route of the third subway line, according to the technical documentation, is planned as a cut & cover line in the part from Bezanija to Block 42, whereas the Block 42-Banjica line would run through a deep tunnel, except in the part from the planned subway station Clinical Center to the subway station Belgrade Center, where the route would go up to the facility.

The map which Vučić presented on Tuesday, however, shows that the third subway line should go from Banjica 2, through Trosarina, the Stepa Stepanovic and Brace Jerkovic neighbourhoods, and then it will change direction and go through parts of Medakovic 1, Sumice, Vojislava Ilica Street, Crveni Krst, to the Vuk Monument area, the Faculty of Law, the National Assembly building, the Port, Usce and then down the previously announced route to the Bezanija Depot.

(eKapija, 11.08.2023)

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