Not a single Serbian product is protected in EU

There isn’t a single product from Serbia among the 3,000 products with the protected geographic origin in the EU – says Davide Liberati, the head of the EU project for organic production and protection of geographic origin.

However, he strongly believes that that Serbia has a great potential to become EU-categorized because it has great potential for development considering the fact that it already has 44 products with a geographical indication registered at the national level.

“The EU market is a great business opportunity for producers but they need to comply with the food safety system and rules”, says Liberati, who was a guest and speaker at the seminar “Territory, Quality, Food, Health” which took place during the recent Italian Cuisine Week in Serbia.

“By the end of the project, we expect that at least three Serbian product labels will be prepared for registration at EU level. By developing organic production and quality products in Serbia, farmers can sell national products in the European Union, but also across the world, i.e. the most attractive markets where they can get high prices for their products”, Liberati explains.

He adds that Serbia has excellent food products and wines that have such a potential and can compete with those in the EU market.

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“To protect your products, the entire system must operate properly, from the legislation to the control system,” says Liberati and adds:”Boosting the competitiveness of agricultural products is an important investment in quality. Products with geographical origin indication represent the territory in which they are produced and in order for products to be exported, the producers need to abide by the technical specification approved by the EU. Products with geographic origin are sold for a much higher price in the market.”

“The importance of product with an indication of geographical origin lies in the fact that such product is automatically recognized by its origin and name, and these products represent the link between territory, tradition and national identity, which makes a country known around the world”, Liberati says.

(Vecernje Novosti, 18.12.2018)



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