North Macedonia to open border to Serbian citizen without the need for PCR testing

The North Macedonia Commission for Infectious Diseases has proposed to the government to open the borders with Serbia, Montenegro, Kosovo and Albania without the need for the citizens to show a negative PCR test when entering these countries.

This was announced on Facebook by the Minister of Health, Venko Filipče, who said that “according to our analyses, at the moment there are no negative indications, that is, a large number of imported cases of COVID-19 from those countries. As a result, there is no risk and it is safe to open borders”.

The government today will allow people arriving from countries in the region to enter without showing a negative PCR test, but only if “travel is necessary”.

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The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, announced yesterday that the Macedonian government would decide today, Tuesday, on the abolition of the mandatory PCR testing for people from Serbia and three other countries in the region, but “only for necessary trips “.

“We will make this decision on Tuesday. It is a regional initiative, not just from North Macedonia. Because our region is small and the corona-related numbers are more or less the same. It is a micro-region and it is important that the focus in each country is on personal protection, “Zaev said.

(Danas, 05.10.2020)

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