No subway for Belgrade until 2027

The first, albeit incomplete, Belgrade subway line would connect Makisko Polje and Pancevo Bridge, and it could be finished by 2027. The second line from Ustanicka Street to Zemun could be completed by 2033.

This is what the recently presented the Master Plan for Transport Infrastructure in Belgrade shows. The plan was drafted almost year and a half ago, with the British company, WSP as advisors.

“A special study contemplates that the Line 1, leading to Pancevo Bridge, will have been finished by 2027, while the Line 2 and the second segment of the Line 1 (leading to Mirijevo) will have been finished by 2033”, the plan states.

“Bearing in mind the envisaged improvements in the network of BG Voz (BG Trains) and construction of a subway line by 2027, we propose a public company to be formed that would be in charge of planning and commissioning construction work and equipment (including trains)”, the plan states further.

The Master Plan has several other, rather interesting details like stating that the construction of the new bridge in the place of old Sava one, the tunnel from the Sava to the Danube hillside, BG Voz, and the completion of the internal main ring road (UMP) and the external main tangent road (SMP) would cost 883 million EUR, and that’s not including the costs of building a subway line.

The Plan also envisages having more private bus companies covering the inner city areas which would lead to bus fares becoming more affordable and public transport more accessible for everybody.

(eKapija, 01.08.2017)

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One Reply to “No subway for Belgrade until 2027”

  1. jj says:

    “The plan was drafted almost year and a half ago, with the British company, WSP as advisors.”

    I thought the French were the main advisers for the subway plans? Why are Serbs paying British consultants/advisers when they had the French helping them?
    But I think Russia would be the best choice, as it has a good subway system and they are less anti-Serb than the Brits and French.

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