No refunds will be given for holidays cancelled by May 15

The director of the National Association of Travel Agencies, Aleksandar Senicic, said that all trips booked with travel agencies in Serbia which were supposed to start on dates prior to May 15, will be cancelled due to the COVID-19 epidemic and that vouchers will be offered in exchange.

He added that “expecting a refund for cancelled holidays is not realistic”.

“For now, all holidays that are due to take place before May 15 are cancelled. Authorities say that the situation with the coronavirus epidemic will still be quite serious until the said date. We are doing everything we can to offer compensation to the citizens concerned in the form of vouchers, which could be used within a year for other destinations,” said Senicic.

Adding that it is still too early to talk about summer holiday arrangements after mid-May, he advises citizens to wait before cancelling them.

“In case of cancellation (by May 15) of the travel contract, subject to relevant terms and conditions, travel agents can offer to their customers to choose another destination or another date of their holiday for the same amount of money, or offer a trip / holiday, to the same value, that they can go on in the space of one year,” continued Senicic.

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Serbian travel agencies are using the same format as the world’s major travel agents and are asking citizens for understanding considering the current situation.

“Airlines are flying normally and hotels are ready for scheduled arrivals in destinations such as Zanzibar, South Africa and some countries in South America, where no state of emergency has been declared. In these cases, travel agencies have the right to collect their costs if a trip is cancelled,” Senicic underlined.

Senicic concludes that the situation will be constantly monitored and that there will be official announcements and new proposals in early May if the state of emergency continues.

(Moj Novi Sad, 18.03.2020)

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