No progress in talks between unions and Fiat

The representative of workers of the Fiat plant in Kragujevac, Djordje Milojevic, told Tanjug that at yesterday’s meeting with Serbian government representatives, the two sides discussed working conditions for protected categories of workers, but no progress was made.

“The protected categories are pregnant women, new mothers, mothers with children up to 5 years old, and workers with the first and second categories of disability; the others were not included in the list, because it was not good enough for Fiat,” Milojevic said, adding that Wednesday, June 15 is the deadline for workers who want to go abroad to work in one of the plants of the Stellantis Group, of which Fiat is a part.

“We are waiting for Wednesday to see how many people have applied to work abroad, and after that, we will have a meeting with the Serbian government. We do not know exactly how many workers have applied so far as the government has the exact lists, but as far as I know, very few people applied because the company refused to offer better conditions,” Milojevic said.

Employees asked to work for three months at one of Fiat’s foreign factories and then spend a month at home, but instead, Fiat was explicit in reiterating the requirement that they need to work for at least two years abroad, with the possibility of returning home for the summer and winter vacations and another short leave during the year, with travel expenses paid. “Fiat is to blame for very few people responding to this offer. The information about working conditions abroad was revealed only two days ago,” Milojevic adds.

At Wednesday’s meeting with the Serbian government, the workers will also discuss the amount of severance pay and options for those workers who do not want to continue working for Fiat to find work at other companies in Kragujevac, as communicated by PM Brnabic last time. “So far, the severance pay is 2,200 euros for 10 years of work in Fiat with a salary of 50,000 dinars. This is what the Italians are giving. It remains to be seen how much will the government add to that amount at Wednesday’s meeting,” Milojevic concluded.

(Euronews, 13.06.2022)


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