No more roaming in the region, but watch out for charges for Internet services

As of yesterday, roaming prices in Montenegro, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Albania and Kosovo are the same as service prices in Serbia. Roaming charges in Greece have been reduced from 50 to 90%.

The price of a text message or a call, for example, in Montenegro will be the same as from Serbia. This also applies to telephony services in North Macedonia, Bosnia, Albania and Kosovo.

However, the package does not include data transfer services, so the internet will be limited in those countries.

Roaming charges are still applied in Greece, but as Tourism Minister Tatjana Matić says, they are 50-90% lower. For example, A1 and Telenor charge 49 dinars for an outgoing call, while for the operator Telekom Serbia charges 19.06 dinars for the same service. The price of a text message sent while in Greece is between 4 and 14 dinars, depending on the operator.

(N1, 01.07.2021)



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