No more penalties for early termination of contract with mobile operators

The Serbian MPs are about to start a public discussion about the new Law on Electronic Communications, and the Trade Ministry says that they expect the law to be adopted during the Parliament’s autumn session – the Politika daily writes.

The electronic communication regulations will be almost completely revised, but one of the most important changes for citizens is that the law will stipulate more favourable options for termination of contracts with mobile and ground telephony operators, as well as cable TV and internet providers.

Under the new rules, users will be able to terminate their contract without paying the penalties even before the contract expires.

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Although operators are obligated to act in that way under the old regulation too, in practice, they usually delay with changing their general terms and conditions. The Ministry of Trade made the decision to change the law four months ago, because, according to the Consumer Protection Act, the practice of charging penalties for early termination of the contract is unfair.

Users who have terminated contracts with operators for whatever reason have so far had to pay the remaining instalments even though the operator stops delivering services. For instance, if a client has signed a two-year contract and two months after signing decides to change the operator, there were obligated to settle the 22 remaining monthly subscriptions. Not only were the users penalized in this way, but also the operators used this clause to keep their clients in contractual obligation as long as possible.

As a result, although the users were dissatisfied with the operator’s services, they stayed with the operator in order until the contract expired in order to avoid penalties.

The ministry argues that users should be able to choose an operator and services that are better for them rather than being conditioned when they want to terminate the contract.

(Kamatica, 16.10.2018)


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