No bidders for Port of Novi Sad

Not a single company has sent its bid following a public call for the sale of the government’s share in the Port of Novi Sad.

The Ministry of Economy says that the deadline for submission of bids was 21st November, and confirms that no bids arrived by that date. The Ministry was supposed to open the arrived bids on 23rd November, to check the value of the bids and whether the bidders have fulfilled the terms and conditions to participate in the tender.

As there were no bids, the Ministry officially announced that there were no prospective buyers of the Port of Novi Sad.  

The terms of the competition state that only the companies that were in the port business for at least ten years, had the revenue of at least EUR 30,000,000 in 2017, and shipped more than 1.4 million tons of goods in the last three years were eligible to apply. 

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The initial selling price for the government’s share was EUR 15,976,778. The buyer would also own the Port’s administrative building, the warehouse spanning 44,000 square meters, and six cranes. The deadline for the sale of the company has already been moved twice.

The government expected that there would be interested buyers given the fact that the Port has been operating successfully in recent years.

Previously, the Ministry of Construction, Transport and Infrastructure announced that the “globally renowned port operators” were interested in acquiring the Port of Novi Sad, including the companies from the United Arab Emirates, Germany and the United States of America.

(, 22.11.2018)




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