No agreement reached on purchase price of raspberry

Serbian raspberry producers have failed to reach an agreement with the government regarding the purchase price – the head of the Association of Raspberry Growers, Dobrivoje Radovic has said.

The raspberry producers met with the government officials in the Serbian Chamber of Commerce to talk about the problems they have been encountering when trying to sell their yield. They talked with the Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic, the representatives of the ministries of trade, finance, economy, and the owners of cold storage units.

“The meeting lasted for two and a half hours, and no agreement has been reached. The government claims there is surplus raspberry on the market which caused the drop in the purchase price”, Radovic adds.

He goes on to say that, three days ago, raspberry producers sent a request to the Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic, petitioning him to get involved in the resolution of this problem, but have not been contacted by the President’s office as yet.

Radovic also says that, at the next meeting of the Association’s Managing Board, the raspberry producers are probably going to agree on implementing radical measures to solve this burning issue.

To remind, the producers asking 220 dinars per kilo of raspberries, while cold storage unit owners are offering only 120 dinars.

Agriculture Minister, Branislav Nedimovic said after the meeting that “it is not possible to reach an agreement in such a short period of time”, adding that the two sides will meet again in ten days’ time.

The owners of cold storage units claim that they would be at loss if they bought raspberry at 220 dinars per kilo because the sale price is still not determined.

(N1, 21.06.2017)


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