#NisamPrijavila, the latest social media campaign to defend victims of abuse

“The system has to change, but any change starts with ourselves,” said Marija Lukić, commenting on the latest #NisamPrijavila social media campaign, during which some 20,000 confessions of abuse victims were posted.

Lukic, herself a victim of violence instigated by the former mayor of Brus, Milutin Jelicic Jutka, said she was pleasantly surprised by the solidarity of men and women who sided with those who told their abuse experiences.

“I cannot say that I am surprised by their number, because I am in contact with women of all ages and I know how widespread violence is. When violence happens and when relevant institutions don’t react, everybody is full of advice but nothing changes,” she said.

According to Lukic, society has become more supportive and women have become more visible. She also expects the state institutions to start doing their job.

“I believe there are honest police officers, judges and prosecutors, but there are also those who are not. Out of ignorance or because they are employed because of their political affiliations, they behave like parasites in the system and do not know how to do their job. The same goes for people who work in relevant state institutions,” Lukic warned.

In addition to the hashtag #NisamPrijavila, around 20,000 confessions of abuse victims have been posted on social networks, mostly women and girls sharing their experiences of violence in which they explain why they did not turn to the police, family or friends when they were violated.

(Nedeljnik.rs, 28.12.2021)



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