Niš to become the first Smart City in Serbia

While visiting China together with Trade and Telecommunications Minister and Finance Minister, Rasim Ljajic and Sinisa Mali, the Mayor of Nis, Darko Bulatovic visited the company Huawei, where it was agreed for seven different utility services in Niš to be considered under the auspices of the Smart City project. Eventually, three of these services will be included in the project.

“The Smart City project primarily entails the establishment of city infrastructure, that is, a network of transmitters and the development of an information system, which should enable an economic implementation of various services, which should then secure a more ordered functioning of the city. What’s important about this project is that it is an ongoing process, which takes place parallel with the city’s development,” Bulatovic told Tanjug. He points out that it is important that Niš is considered a candidate for the Smart City pilot-project that encompasses entire Serbia.

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“We are probably going to choose the services in the segment of smart street lighting, which is very important due to great costs, savings, losses in the electricity grid, and the management of traffic system. As a result, we are going to have fewer traffic jams, reduce the pollution and simplify the traffic in the city,” Bulatovic added.

Huawei’s Vice President, Li Jian pointed out that a delegation from Huawei will come to Niš in the next four weeks to discuss which utility services would be the most suitable for the implementation of the smart cities project.

(Energetski portal, 30.04.2019)


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