Niš the most polluted city in Europe yesterday

The southern Serbian city of Niš was the most polluted city in Europe last night, according to the data from foreign sites that measure air pollution. At one point, the pollution measured in Niš was 343, and then 437 units per AQI (International Pollution Index).

Pollution decreased during the night, so it is now slightly lower (217, according to the latest data), while Belgrade, meanwhile, is 5th on the list of the world’s most polluted cities.

Last night, Niš was in the category of the “dangerously polluted” cities, which means that its citizens would probably suffer serious health effects.

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The high temperature in December, the lack of wind, heavy traffic and using solid fuel for heating all led to excessive air pollution in Serbia and the region.

Niš is still the most polluted city in Serbia this morning with an index of 217, while, in the region, the most alarming situation is in Nikšić and Pljevlja.

(Vesti Online, 17.12.2019)


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