Niš branch of a Danish company hires 100 young people without state subsidies

The coronavirus epidemic has slowed down the growth of many companies, shutting down some or forcing them to change the way they do business.

The exception that refutes that rule comes from Niš. Namely, the branch of the Danish IT company Better Collective (BC), which was founded in 2016, without the help of state subsidies, has recently employed 100 young IT, web development and marketing professionals.

The average age of the employees at this company is 30, they are highly educated, and since the business has not stopped growing, the company will hire more people next year.

The Niš branch of the Danish company Better Collective is known for several reasons. First of all, the average salary at the company is much higher than both the city and state average.

Mina Mitić, who has been working for BC for three years, points out that the thing she likes the most in the company is the work atmosphere.

“We are all quite young. For some, this is their first work experience, for some it is not, but we certainly share and adopt knowledge quickly. We cooperate a lot, “she says.

The working hours are flexible and employees can start work between 7 and 9 am. They can also redistribute working hours, and combine them with doing work from home.

“It is our responsibility to manage our working hours on our own. The tasks must be completed on time, but again in accordance with our capabilities. So, that structure is not rigid “, Mina Mitić adds.

The staff structure is diverse, and it is not uncommon for young experts from other parts of Serbia and returnees from abroad to find “refuge” here. One of the youngest in the team, Nikola Stojanović, was given one of the top positions in the company, at the age of 25, after returning from China.

“Young people here have very serious obligations and the company trusts them. This very act of trust pushes young people to work harder and to demonstrate that they have the ability to fulfil those responsibilities, “says Nikola Stojanović, coordinator of BC’s partner operations.

(Nova, 23.12.2021)


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