NIN: If all promised projects had been implemented, Serbia would have been the land of prosperity

If all the grandiose investments, that various Serbian governments had been announcing in the past few decades, were implemented, the country would today have a lack of workforce, double the growth and export rate and the land of happiness and prosperity – NIN weekly writes.

In its latest issue, the weekly reminds the readers about the announced but unrealized investments like the airline industry chip producer, Arab Mubadala opening a factory in Serbia, and other Arab investments, allegedly worth a billion euro.

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The arrival of the German meat producer, Toennies, which was supposed to open farms in Vojvodina with three million pigs still remains uncertain despite the company and the Serbian government signing the Memorandum of Understanding in 2015. The investor hasn’t yet decided whether to even start a business in Serbia.

“The arrival of the renowned German car manufacturer, Mercedes has been announced every time the politicians needed a strong pre-election investment trump card,” NIN wrote.

The weekly predicted that the last week’s radicalization of the anti-government protests in Belgrad, which began last December and have been going on since, would serve President Aleksandar Vucic as an excuse for eventual failure to bring Volkswagen to Serbia.

“The same thing happened in 2012 when the then regime led by the former President Boris Tadic and his Democratic Party (DS) had been announcing for months the arrival of the Italian company, Danieli which was said to have planned to invest half of a billion euro in the town of Sabac,” the weekly wrote.

“When the investor gave up, the blame was assigned to the nationalist leader Tomislav Nikolic’s presidential election’s victory over Tadic,” NIN reminded.

(N1, 21.03.2019)


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