Nikolic: “The visit of Xi JinPing to Serbia opens a new phase between Serbia and China”

“The visit of Chinese President Xi JinPing to Serbia will open a new era in the bilateral relations”, was stated by President Tomislav Nikolic who also explained that two countries until now have prepared 24 agreements that will be signed.

“It has never happened that before one president comes to a pay visit to a country to already have so many agreements prepared to be signed. These are not only bilateral agreements, but also the agreements related to investments. We are ready to sign some very important contracts thanks to which Serbia will finally be able to solve huge problems from the past of some of its companies. I believe that without support from China we wouldn’t be able to solve them”, told Nikolić to the national Chinese radio adding that this visit is not just the beginning, but that it will have long-lasting effects further in the future.

After so many years the President of China comes to Serbia. “This is like after a long winter, finally comes the sun. Everything will bloom after the visit of our friend Xi JinPing, because we know very well that all those things that will be arranged with the Chinese President, can’t be stopped in China”, said Nikolić and Tanjug reports.

The President of Serbia says that now it’s up to Serbia to present herself in a much better light to China than it did earlier, and also says that China for many years back in the past had already presented herself in the best possible way, with successful entrepreneurs, with her support to Serbia and with the decision that Serbia will be the starting point on her way to Europe. The Serbian President added that today China, fortunately for Serbia, is in the position to expend her investments.

In addition, he says that many countries envy Serbia and that he has received many phone calls from various chiefs of government who have asked if it is possible for them to come to visit Serbia during the visit of the President of China, so as to organize a meeting with him. “China represents a surprise for many, but for me it doesn’t… Having read a lot about your people, I knew that one day you will “explode” as sports commentator would say”, said Nikolić adding that Serbia has important projects related to collaboration with China.

He said that the Chinese support is extremely important to Serbia and this was very clear during the voting related to admission of Kosovo to UNESCO and to United Nations Security Council when a resolution that was damaging Serbia was rejected.

To the question what would be the attitude of the EU regarding the reinforcement of the relations between Serbia and China, Nikolić answered that Serbia with her history, culture, tradition and the geographic position belongs to Europe and should be a part of Europe and that she is willing to enter it following the same path of other countries, “making order in the organization of the state, but on the other hand Serbia has a lot of friends on which she, absolutely, neither wants to give up nor annoy”. “What we would have gained if we had introduced sanctions against Russia. We would have only unsettled Russia and put ourselves to a public derision because Russia is our important support in foreign affairs. What will we do if we receive any kind of reproach regarding China?”, said Nikolić.

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