Nikolic: “The state did not do its best to remedy the consequences of the epidemic”

“The global pandemic of the coronavirus will deform the economic picture of the world,” said Radojka Nikolic, director of the magazine Ekonometar during an online conference organized by the Association of Serbian Managers (SAM).

The announcement that the pandemic will continue and a new tide of infected people will follow by the year-end, followed by the appearance of new dangerous viruses, poses another big problem.

“All this creates great insecurity in people, who must first take care of their health and then their business,” Radojka Nikolic underlined.

She also believes the authorities have not implemented all the necessary measures to remedy the economic consequences of the epidemic. Most of the measures implemented by other states were aimed at preventing the explosion of unemployment, however, the Serbian state opted for a model of reducing taxes and contributions for companies, because this model is beneficial for the development of entrepreneurship and business and stimulates new employment, Nikolic added.

The Council Chairman at the Faculty of Economics, Finance and Administration, Goran Pitic, noted that not everyone was equally affected by the epidemic and that there are companies that will recover quickly. He added that there will certainly be changes in the way we conduct business, i.e. more work will be done from home and digital business will gain in importance. Pitic also mentioned research that shows that 14% of companies are doing better than before in the times of crisis.

Speaking of the measures devised by the Serbian government, Pitic also says that they are not the best, and adds that they should have been applied selectively, in line with the intensity of the damage suffered by certain sectors of the economy.

He also believes that the measure concerning the disbursement of EUR 100 to all adult citizens of Serbia could have been proposed differently, as Serbia has no problems on the demand side but rather on the supply side.

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SAM President Dragoljub Damnjanovic added that we would no longer continue to live as we did before the pandemic and only after the vaccine was found would we be able to really relax.

He also said that we would have to learn to live in new circumstances, under strict measures, wear masks and continue with social distancing. Damnjanovic went on to say that the current crisis would contribute to the development of online business, because the epidemic has shown seen all the positive aspects of that type of activity.

“The epidemic has shown that companies with localized production are more likely to survive than those with international supply chains from different countries, which can easily be affected,” Damnjanovic concluded.

(Danas, 23.04.2020)




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