Nikolic leading presidential election polls

If the Serbian presidential election were to take place tomorrow, 41% out of the 600 surveyed people in Serbia (excluding Kosovo) would vote for Tomislav Nikolic, while potential presidential candidates Vuk Jeremic and Vojislav Seselj would win around 30% fewer votes – the survey conducted by Medium Gallup says.

The survey took place between 3rd and 12th December. It was carried out both in urban and rural areas, at a nationally representative sample of adult citizens of Serbia. There was no indication whether the 600 surveyed people are politically active or members of political parties. The two candidates that would make it to the second round of the election would be Nikolic and Vuk Jeremic, with the first one getting 51.8% votes, and the second one 30.4%. Also, 82.1% members of the Serbian Progressive Party (SNS) would support Nikolic in the presidential run.

If Nikolic and Seselj were to make it to the second round, 73% of the survey participants would vote for Nikolic and 27% for Seselj.

If the choice was between Nikolic and Sasa Jankovic, the current ombudsman and a potential presidential candidate, 72% of people would vote for the current Serbian president and 28% for Jankovic.

(Vecernje Novosti, 17.12.2016)—41-za-Nikolica

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