Nikola Tesla’s lost letters discovered, shedding light on a mystery

Two of Nikola Tesla’s letters to Radoje Jankovic, the General Consul of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, who was stationed in New York, which were thought to be lost, have been found – the Adligat Association has said.

“Two of Tesla’s letters in which he writes about Mihajlo Pupin, his illness and his desire to visit him at the hospital, were found a few days ago and were purchased for the Association’s museums at a great cost,” the statement said.

The letters are of great importance for the Serbian culture, they are written in a clear Cyrillic script, and from their content, we can ascertain that Tesla and Pupin had a very close and caring friendship.

These letters shed new light to the history of friendship between the two great scientists and confirm their closeness, while completely rebutting the infamous story of how Tesla and Pupin reconciled when Pupin was in the hospital.

The letters were written three months prior to Pupin’s death and there was no mention of any conflict between Tesla and Pupin. On the contrary, Tesla’s letters describe his wish to meet up with Pupin as soon as possible.

The letters will be available to researchers at Adligat’s premises on Monday, while the Association expects assistance from competent institutions regarding their conservation and protection.

(Blic, 06.03.2019)

Photo credits: Adligat

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