Share the future with Nikola Tesla through a VR exhibition

The first virtual reality museum exhibition, dedicated to Nikola Tesla, is now available on a mobile app, both in Serbian and English language, as well as on the Experience Tesla website – .

The application is created for VR and mobile devices in honour of Tesla’s vision that one day spatial and time distance will have no meaning. The application is a result of the collaboration between Direct Media and Digital Mind, and this is the first VR museum exhibition in the world. The brainchild behind this idea is Vitomir Jevremovic who wanted to bring the great scientist to life, so to speak. Direct Media donated this VR exhibition to the Nikola Tesla Museum in honour of the company’s 15th anniversary and the 160th anniversary of Tesla’s birth.

“Through the Experience Tesla mobile application we want share with the admirers of the great scientist’s work, who are not able to visit the Nikola Tesla Museum, a unique experience of interacting with him. Modern technology has made art and science more available than ever before, and in this way, we want to remind that using technology for the benefit of all humankind was one of the postulates of Tesla’s doctrine”, head of Direct Media, Jovan Stojanovic says.

The mobile app can be downloaded from Google Play or Apple App stores, while the VR exhibition about Nikola Tesla will be available to everyone who has access to the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift devices, and VR-compatible phones or Gear VRs.

The app users will be able to experience what it is like to stand near Tesla in his power plant on the Niagara Waterfalls, to assist him in his projects in Colorado Springs or on the platform of his tower in Long Island, or see Tesla’s room in the famous New Yorker Hotel. They will even be able to share in his vision of the future.

(Blic, 20.02.2017)

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