Nikola Tesla Museum to be relocated to former central train station in Belgrade

The former central railway station in Belgrade, which is currently being reconstructed, will become the new location of the Nikola Tesla Museum, Deputy Mayor of Belgrade, Goran Vesic announced on his Facebook profile yesterday.

“This evening, in the Savski Square, the facade of the recently renovated former railway station building has new lights which highlight the beauty of this building. I am proud,” wrote Vesic.

The deputy mayor added that the central station building will house the Nikola Tesla Museum, the largest and most representative museum of Nikola Tesla’s legacy in the world.

“Until recently, this building was crumbling and the facade was falling apart. Not a single Belgrade government in the past was able to repair the roof or paint the façade. Now, that we have renovated it they are talking about it. What a hypocrisy!” said Vesić, responding to the opposition’s criticism of the displacement of the central train station from the city centre.

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The Savski Square, where the train station is located, is also undergoing intensive reconstruction which includes relocating traffic to the square’s perimeter, building a new wastewater station and the works on the large plateau in front of the former train station where the 23-metre-high monument to Stefan Nemanja will be erected.

Relocation of the central train station from the city centre and the appearance and size of the monument to the father of the Serbian nation, Stefan Nemanja, have caused bitter controversy in the public in the previous months.

According to the city officials, the works in the Savski Square should be completed in November.

(N1, 30.08.2020)


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