Nikola Tesla Airport to have passport scanning gates soon

Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade will introduce eGates or automated self-service passport control soon, which will enable passengers to simply scan their travel documents without having to wait in long queues.

According to the Serbian Interior Ministry, the new technology has already been ordered and will have arrived in Serbia by June this year. These devices will complement manual passport control.

The Serbian Transport Minister, Goran Vesić, noted that, during the first phase of its implementation, the eGates will be accessible to passengers travelling to and from the European Union.

eGates are expected to be installed both on departures and arrivals and they usually involve a two-step process. Passengers first scan their passports after which the first gate opens. The passenger’s photo is then taken for facial recognition, after which a second gate is opened, and the passenger can continue onwards with their journey.

(, 19.04.2024)

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