Nikola Dasic Luftika will be the new mayor of Kragujevac?

The Kragujevac Municipal Assembly is due to choose the new mayor and a new city council today at an urgent session.

Nikola Dašić, a.k.a. “Luftika”, will be elected mayor of Kragujevac tomorrow, following the proposal by the Speaker of the Kragujevac Assembly, Miroslav Petrašinović. Dasic is known in Kragujevac for being very close to the Nikolić family in Sumadija, and his close relations with the former president of Serbia, Tomislav Nikolić and his son, Radomir, who will hand over the position of mayor to him tomorrow.

According to unofficial reliable sources, in addition to the SNS party which holds more than half of the parliamentary majority, the new Kragujevac government will be composed of the members of the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), as well as almost all other parties and coalitions that participated in the elections on June 21, with the exception of the electoral list, helmed by the former mayor Veroljub Stevanović, who has only eight councillors after the elections.

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The three members of the SPO (Serbian Renewal Movement), and perhaps four members from the Alternativa electoral list will be in the opposition.

Other city councillors come from the association 300 Kragujevčana with the Volim Selo Svoje movement, Kragujevačka Priča, six councillors from Veroljub Stevanovic’s electoral list who formed a new group of councillors called Nova Šumadija, then POKS, as well as the SPS (with Jedinstvena Srbija), which will have two seats in the new Kragujevac government, one of which will be the deputy mayor’s seat.

(Danas, 23.08.2020)

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