Nikezic: “The Chinese will take all the gold from the Bor mine out of Serbia”

The Head of the Economy and Finance Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party, Dušan Nikezić, said that in just 13 years, all the gold will be extracted from the Bor mine and that it will completely belong to the Chinese.

“For 75 years, the gold mine in Bor belonged to Serbia and we used this gold to form the country’s gold reserves. Three and a half years ago, Aleksandar Vučić gave the Bor Smelting Plant (RTB Bor) to the Chinese company which means that since then all the gold mined in Bor belongs to China,” said Nikezić.

He also said that all the gold will be extracted in one mine, Čukaru Peki, in about 13 years. “That’s a total of 73 tonnes, which is double the gold reserves that Serbia has extracted since World War II. That’s 6,000 gold bars and their total value is 4.6 billion euros. We need strong changes to break this neocolonial relationship with China and return the alienated national resources to Serbia,” Nikezić concluded.

(Nova, 28.03.2022)

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