Night buses discontinued in Belgrade

The Belgrade city authorities have decided to stop night buses as of November 18, following the government’s decision to close all bars and clubs after 9:00 pm.

The city’s Beoinfo portal said the decision to discontinue the 24 night bus lines was taken by the Public Transport Secretariat in line with the city’s Emergency Situations Staff decision on reducing opening hours for cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, theatres and night clubs.  

The night bus lines will be restored once the new prevention measures are lifted, the Public Transport Secretariat has said.

The following bus lines, which were operational 24 hours a day, are discontinued:

  1. 47N (Trg republike – Resnik ŽS);
    2. 51N (Trg republike – Bele vode;
    3. 56N (Trg republike – Rušanj);
    4. 68N (Trg republike – Novi Beograd/Blok 45/);
    5. 202N (Trg republike – Veliko selo);
    6. 706N (Trg republike – Batajnica);
    7. 27N (Trg republike – Mirijevo 3);
    8. 33N (Studentski trg – Kumodraž);
    9. 75N (Trg republike – Bežanijska kosa);
    10. 15N (Trg republike – Zemun/Novi grad/);
    11. 26N (Dorćol – Braće Jerković);
    12. 101N (Trg republike – Padinska skela);
    13. 601N (Trg Slavija – Dobanovci);
    14. 29N (Studentski trg – Medaković 3);
    15. 301N (Trg republike – Begaljica);
    16. 31N (Studentski trg – Konjarnik);
    17. 37N (Trg republike – Kneževac);
    18. 308N (Slavija – Veliki Mokri Lug);
    19. 401N (Dorćol/Dunavska/ – Pinosava);
    20. 511N (Trg republike – Sremčica);
    21. 32N (Trg republike – Višnjica);
    22. 304N (Trg republike – Ritopek);
    23. 603N (Trg republike – Ugrinovci);
    24. 704N (Trg republike – Zemun polje).

(Nova, 17.11.2020)

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